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  • Japanese Banquet (Demo and partly hands-on)

    In the Japanese banquet, I will be bringing you through a feast from start to finish.

    Discover delicious ingredients, which will make each course a taste sensation.
    Wow your family and friends with this complete meal. Of course, we won’t forget the humble sushi roll. We’ll take a look at that and then bring it to a whole new level.
    So if you fancy the perfect ramen, get confused by teriyaki and yakitori, love the side dishes and salads or want to learn my latest Japanese dessert, then this is the class for you.


  • Moroccan Banquet (Demo and some hands-on)

    Enjoy a food journey through Morocco!

    Learn to prepare your own Moroccan banquet at home with flavours and spices to tantalise your taste buds.

    I’ll entice you with an entree, mains, salad and, of course a dessert that will have you licking your lips (and fingers!!)

    If you are interested in delicious, well balanced flavours, then don’t hesitate to choose Morocco!


  • Thai Banquet (Demo and some hands-on)

    This banquet class will have you hosting your own Thai dinner party with ease. From a delicious larb gai to a wonderful green curry with coconut rice, Thai fish cakes with ajad (Thai cucumber relish) and lots more.

    This simple but delicious food will have your mouth watering.  You’ll have to taste it for yourself to believe the interesting mix of flavours and textures with each mouthful.


  • Malaysian Banquet (Demo and some hands-on)

    Malaysian food is a gorgeous blend of herbs and spices and certainly a favourite with my family.

    The Malaysian Banquet has your senses popping with fragrant smells which will leave your taste buds watering for more. This 4 course meal is a true example of authentic Malaysian food from starters, soup, mains and dessert.


  • Italian Banquet (Demo and hands-on)

    Ciao and welcome to our journey to Italy. Be prepared to get your hands into fresh homemade pasta. Dried fettuccine and spaghetti will never be the same again. Arancini balls with that oozy mozzarella centre and ravioli to make an Italian Nonna weep! Plus more….finish off with an Italian dessert with a twist!


  • Mexican Banquet (Demo and some hands-on)

    It’s time to add some fun to your life with this family friendly Mexican feast. Easy and quick recipes that are healthy and delicious from start to finish. Learn to make your own no-yeast polenta bread and dip it in your winter warming Mexican corn soup. Fajitas with fresh pic de gallo (Mexican salsa), confetti quesadillas, Mexican savoury rice and more.

    So, don’t just stand there, get your poncho on and mambo over to my place.


  • Chinese Banquet (Demo and some hands-on)

    Chinese food for me growing up in Dublin was very exotic. I’ll never forget those first experiences of different flavours and falling in love with my first taste of an Asian food. Of course, now I have been exposed to plenty of different types of Asian cuisines and I love them all, however, now I feel I’d like to honour my first experience by presenting my Chinese Banquet.


  • Posh Nosh Banquet (Demo and some hands-on)

    It’s time to think outside of the square – let’s make some interesting and delicious dishes to WOW your friends. Special occasion food does not need to be complicated or expensive. During this class I will guide you through a simple yet sensational menu that you could easily prepare in a few hours.

    With dishes such as double baked cheese souffle pancakes, vegetable schnitzel, ballotine rolls with balsamic reduction and a sensational dessert – this is the class for you.

    posh nosh


  • Middle Eastern Work Shop (fully hands-on)

    Middle Eastern food is a regular at our house loved by adults and kids alike. I have been asked so many times for the Djaj a riz recipe (see photo) so I have finally built a delicious banquet around this great looking, great tasting dish.

    In this 3 hour, fully hands on workshop, you’ll be making Djaj a riz, spiced chicken wings with toum, tabouli with a twist, Bulgar pie with caramelised onions and walnuts, spinach salad with pickled red onions and pine nuts, halva ice cream and more.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to create this sensational menu with a small, friendly and fun group. And, of course, you get to eat the results of your culinary skills at the end of the session!


  • Pizza Work shop (hands-on and demo)

    Book in to enjoy an afternoon around our pizza oven, learning delicious toppings on homemade dough, perfect salads, a short talk on how to create your own pizza oven and lots of fun and banter. Don’t worry if you don’t have (or are not thinking of getting) your own oven, pizza stones in a regular oven work really well too. My hubby, Gav will be lighting the oven and doing the cooking, and I’ll be doing the rest!!

    Pizza Workshop
    Pizza Workshop

Specialist Classes

  • Biscuits, bakes and breads (Demo and partly hands-on)

    It’s finally here…the baking class. So many people have asked me for my bread and biscuits recipes, so now I’ll be sharing my favourite recipes in this class, including a savoury bake that will knock your socks off! So if you’d like to bake something a little out of the ordinary then come along for a fun and relaxed class of brilliant baking (and eating!)

    Bread x 2


  • We all know what it’s like to have those hungry eyes looking at you and you’re thinking

    “What will I make for dinner?”

    In this class I’ll be running through some of our family favourites that will satisfy everyone.

    Cooking does NOT need to be complicated, for it to be delicious and healthy. Let me show you how easy it is to get organised and cooking stress free with my selection of quick and easy recipes


  • Sensational Salads (Demo only)

    It doesn’t have to be Summer to review your salad recipes. Say goodbye the old lettuce and cucumber and say hello to new and exciting ingredients to make delicious and healthy salads. Salads are a great accompaniment to any meal…or can be the meal itself. To see my all new salad recipes, join me for a fun and relaxed class of seeing, tasting and learning.


  • Want new ideas for your child’s lunchbox? Move beyond the Vegemite sandwich. Be inspired!

    Fill your kid’s tummies with healthy food throughout the day. Forget processed food full of high fat, salt, sugar, additives and preservatives. Keep your kids happy each day with yummy and nutritious lunches and treats.

    Healthy food for healthy kids!

    zucc and noodle slice

  • A Beautiful Lunch

    Friends coming over? Looking to make a delicious, yet not too complicated lunch?

    A beautiful lunch will include an entrée, a savoury tart, delicious salads, homemade fresh bread (no yeast required) and of course, we’ll finish with a sweet treat!

    tomato tart

  • The Versatile Vegetarian

    You don’t have to be vegetarian to eat vegetarian food. Health experts say that you should eat at least one vegetarian meal a week.

    Vegetarian does NOT mean lettuce leaves and celery sticks.
    In this class, Mish will be showing you how to prepare interesting and delicious dishes that will have your meat-loving friends coming back for more.


  • Cooking for Kids

    What’s for dinner Mum?

    How often have we all heard that?
    Not all kids are angels when it comes to eating and after cooking in child care centres for over 5 years, Mish has a strong idea of what kids love. These healthy meals and snacks will keep any kid satisfied.

    Cooking for kids

  • Glorious Gluten Free

    Gluten free food is no longer the odd tastes and textures of the past!

    Mish will show you that gluten free cooking is simple and delicious. Mish will share her recipes that are even better than regular gluten dishes.

    Mish’s daughter Dara, aged 9, has been gluten intolerant for 2 years.
    Dara often says “Mum, this is the best dinner ever”!

    gf scones

  • Weaning your baby onto Solids (Great for new Mothers Groups)

    Not all babies take to solids like a duck to water. Sometimes it’s trial and error and sometimes it’s a little bit of pot luck. I’d like to be able to teach new mums lots of tricks and great ideas in getting your baby onto solids and hopefully creating a non-fussy eater. You will be in the comfort of my home (with or without your baby). It will be relaxed and informal, and a good chance to ask questions about weaning or just food in general.


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Mish’s Dishes offers a wide range of cooking classes for adults.

Classes are held in Mish’s home in Bentleigh, Melbourne, a relaxed, informal environment in which to learn, taste and have fun.

Gather a group of friends, colleagues or family and let Mish show you how to prepare good food without the fuss.

Mish will show you, step-by-step, how to prepare a variety of delicious dishes that you can add to your repertoire at home.

Classes run for approximately 2.5 hours (including eating time) and have a maximum of 14 people, so it’s never too crowded to get a close-up view. Larger groups are also catered for – please contact Mish directly to discuss your needs and requirements.

Mish’s Dishes classes are mostly demonstration-style, with some hands-on cooking experiences where appropriate. You might roll sushi, knead bread dough or roll out pasta, all the while learning the skills, tips and tricks that Mish has gathered over a lifetime of cooking.