“I am basking in compliments from family and friends at the food Mish presented at my husband’s 70th birthday party.  The menu was varied, balanced and perfect for a February evening.  The three courses were equally delicious and the piece de résistance was the Hazelnut Meringue Torte birthday cake – divine and devoured!   All this appeared to flow out of the open kitchen looking amazing and arriving with efficiency and ease under Mish’s skilled hands.”

“Thank you so much for all your work today. You are an inspiring person and I very much appreciated the lovely, warm, welcoming environment you provided. I had a wonderful morning and loved the recipes and thoroughly enjoyed lunch. I can’t wait to make the creative recipes.Thank you again and I will certainly share my wonderful experience with you and tell people.Best of good wishes for your other classes.”

“Hi Mish, I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful evening. Your expertise is amazing. I look forward to many more classes.”
Kind Regards Jan (Moroccan Banquet)

“What a fantastic class! All the dishes were so simple, quick and tasty. It was such a fun night full of laughter, flavour and fun. Looking forward to trying all the yummy recipes at home.”
Lis (Moroccan Banquet)

“I have been cooking for myself and my family for many years, and thought I knew it all. I was also bored and in a rut.After attending Mish’s class yesterday, I am feeling very different. In just one lesson I’ve learnt four new beautiful dishes and a gorgeously different summer salad.Mish has a very impressive background in cooking, and her skill together with her love of what she does, are the magic ingredients here. She is so welcoming, so friendly and good fun. Our group laughed as we learned, and the bonus of eating the food was such a treat.I can wholeheartedly recommend Mish’s Dishes, and will be going again. I think too, that the classes would make an ideal present for just about anyone. Thanks Mish! ”

“My girls aged 7 and 10 had the best time at Mish’s Dishes in the holidays cooking Italian food. They even came home asking to remake what they have leant. What a fantastic holiday program – Thanks!”

My son Jamie attended the Italian and Japanese classes and loved both. Jamie has an ‘eat to live’ versus ‘live to eat’ attitude towards food, so when he came home excited to try out his new recipes and gobbled up what he had made we were absolutely thrilled!!! Thank you Mish – can’t wait for the next class!

“My girls both went to the Japanese Cooking class and have not stopped talking about it.
They enjoyed it so much and have their cooking certificates in their room.
We have since made the recipes at home too.
Such a great thing to do in the school holidays. The Italian class next we think!!!”

Inspired from Mish’s cooking class, that night, O made us a divine tomato salad. He was so proud of himself. He couldn’t wait for dinner and was the first sitting. O has never helped me prepare dinner and can’t stop talking about his class with Mish…Thanks Mish

My daughter attended the Japanese cooking holiday class. She thoroughly enjoyed it and raved about it afterwards. In fact, just at the sushi shop the other day, she pointed out how she had learned to make it! I will definitely send her again and cannot wait to try some of the adult classes myself!
Thanks again and best of luck 🙂

“I learnt a lot of interesting facts that I did not know before. It was lots of fun making my own food and playing the games. I also made some new friends!”
Ariel, 9 years old

“We made yummy sushi and we got to eat it afterwards. I also loved rolling the pasta dough through the pasta maker. I want my birthday party at Mish’s Dishes!”
Davita, 6 years old

“I learnt to make some unique and interesting salads in the “summer salads class” and I can’t wait to try them out on family and friends over the summer. Mish’s tips and tricks makes it so much easier in the kitchen”

“Hi Mish I thought that your cooking class was great and lots of fun. I would definitely come again. I liked making the sauce for the pasta and all the games we played in between. It was a fun idea to get to take home the cookies we made.”
Lara M

“Hi Mish I think your cooking class was great and was very interesting. It was good to make everything from scratch. The tips that you gave we’re very helpful to make other food dishes. Hayley M
Really enjoyed the relaxed and entertaining way Mish ran her cooking class. The salads made were so delicious as got to taste them during the class. Loved the different colours and textures chosen. Tammy
Thanks Mish for a wonderful Biscuits & Slices class today. I picked up lots of helpful hints and learnt some new, tasty recipes that I’m looking forward to trying at home. The adult chocolate crackle was sensational, loved the surprise at the end! I’ll be back again for more tasty treasures soon 🙂 ”